Day Fees


Parents are charged at £22.40 in advance for planned attendance for either a morning session from 8.45am until 11.30am or an afternoon session from 12.30pm until 3.15pm per day.

The midday hour including lunch from 11.30am to 12.30pm is charged at £7.00 per day.

Early Years Grants

Children between the age of 3 (the term after their 3rd birthday) and 5 (the term in which their 5th birthday falls) are eligible to receive the Early Years Entitlement grant. The School will claim this grant on the parents’ behalf and deduct it from the School fees. 

School Fees

All fees are charged per term and there are three terms per academic year.

Reception £2,533 per term
Pre-Prep (Years 1 – 2) £3,092 per term
Transition (Year 3) £4,519 per term
Prep School (Day) (Years 4 – 8)  £5,996 per term
Boarding Supplement (UK) £2,017 per term
Boarding Supplement (Overseas – European) £2,332 per term
Boarding Supplement (Overseas) £2,602 per term

Flexible Boarding Charges

Casual boarding charges from September 2020 are below:

Flexible Boarding
as available on an ad hoc basis
£50 per night
Regular 2 nights per week
if booked a term in advance
£53 per week
Regular 3 nights per week
if booked a term in advance
£80 per week
Regular 4 nights per week
if booked a term in advance
£104 per week
including a guaranteed dormitory bed
Regular 5 nights per week
if booked a term in advance
£133 per week
including a guaranteed dormitory bed
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday evening)
as available on an ad hoc basis 
(sibling discount available – please enquire)
£106 per weekend
includes weekend activities

Pocket Money (full boarders only) £15.00 per term

Escorted Airport Travel Prices on application



There is a 5% discount for the second pupil, 10% discount for the third child and a 15% discount for the fourth or subsequent pupil from the same family attending Chafyn Grove School concurrently.


We offer a 10% discount for military day pupils, and a 15% discount for military weekly and full boarding children. Where there is eligibility for the Continuity of Education Allowance, we set our boarding fees according to the threshold determined by the MOD in the interests of offering the most effective discount. Whilst this is currently equivalent to the levels listed above, please contact the bursar for full details. Our bursar is experienced in offering advice on CEA applications and happy to answer any questions the process poses.


Sibling discounts are applied automatically. There is no need to make a separate application. Military discounts are applied on application as well, though those involving CEA funding will usually require confirmation before a place can be offered.


Discounts continue for as long as the child remains at Chafyn Grove School and the discount conditions apply.



Group Sessions (all year groups)       Free
Individual Lessons up to year 3         Free

Learning Support Charges Year 4 to 8

Individual one to one lessons              £20 per session
Individual one to two/three lessons             £10 per session
Individual one to four lessons             £5 per session



Nursery and Pre-Prep

Breakfast Club

Available on Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 8.00am.  Use of this facility should be pre-booked through the front office on the previous day and incurs a charge of £5.40, including breakfast.  No charge is made for children arriving from 8.00am and children should report to their normal classroom or nursery.

Late List

Parents who need children to stay later than the end of the school day at 3.30pm may use the Late List facility until 6.00pm. Charges for this service are £3.60 per hour/hour split and include a sandwich and refreshments.  Supper is available from 5.30pm to 6.00pm for a charge of £5.10.


Breakfast Club

Available on Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 8.00am. Use of this facility should be pre-booked through the front office on the previous day and incurs a charge of £5.40, including breakfast. No charge is made for children arriving from 8am who should report to the Library on arrival.

Late List

The Prep school day ends at 4.45pm (except on Wednesday when it ends at 3.45pm). Late list is available for all children until 6.00pm without charge.

Extra Late Stay including Supper

Children may stay later than the above times by joining the boarding and sharing their routine, including supper, until 7.00pm. Use of this Extra Late Stay facility should be pre-booked with the front office on the previous day and incurs a charge of £5.50. Supervision after 7.00pm by the boarding house team can be provided in exceptional circumstances, if the School is notified in advance, and carries an additional charge of £4.77 per hour.


·       Per instrument – £24.50 per lesson.

·       Group Theory Lessons are available at a cost of £47.00 per term.

·       Use of School instrument £34 per term

·       LAMDA Speech and Drama £12 per lesson

There is no charge for the use of School instruments, when available, during School holidays but if the instruments are removed from the School premises then parents must provide adequate insurance cover.

Half a term’s notice in writing to the Director of Music is required to discontinue music lessons.


Registration fee £100 (non-refundable)

Acceptance Deposit to secure a place £500 (£4,240 for overseas pupils). Refundable against the last term’s fee.


The onus on insuring children’s belongings rests with parents who should therefore consider an extension to any existing household insurance policy.


£4.00 per child, per term.


Click here to view our Standard Terms and Conditions



The Governors of Chafyn Grove School are committed to broadening access to the school by offering to eligible families means-tested financial support. Such a discount is known as a Bursary. To apply for a bursary, please mention that you would like information as part of your application. The bursary procedure is separate to the standard admissions procedure and in no way changes that process. All awards are subject to annual review and significant bursaries will involve an assessment from an external company, BAL Ltd. For further details on any aspect of this process, please contact our Bursar, Mrs Davies (01722 420894/


While Chafyn Grove is justifiably proud of the scholarship success its pupils enjoy to Senior schools, we do not offer scholarships ourselves. The principal reason for this is to devote funds instead to means-tested bursaries, rather than talent-tested scholarships where financial support may not be needed. We have a record of developing such talents which is exemplary, and are confident that this is the correct recompense for such a situation.


Since April 2005 employers have been able to provide Child Care Vouchers (CCVs) up to a value of £55 per week or £243 per month, free from tax and national insurance contributions as part of a salary sacrifice scheme for employees.

The current rates are shown on the HMRC website at (look at Guidance for Employees).

Chafyn Grove School is happy to accept CCVs from parents but, as ever, there are rules that must be followed. In essence, Chafyn children can benefit from this provision for an activity if it takes place outside normal school hours and on school premises, for example Boarding, Late-stay or holiday clubs. It is impossible to offer definitive advice without it becoming lengthy and complicated; our bursary department, rather than our website, provides the necessary detail most happily.

 Ordinary tuition fees can come into the scope of this scheme for children at Chafyn Grove from Nursery to Reception – birth-dates are a key factor. This currently mirrors the (separate) eligibility rules for provision of the Nursery Education Grant.

Chafyn Grove is registered with the following CCV providers (CCV Provider / Carer Number):

Edenred (was Accor Services) P20039348

Computershare Voucher Services/Leapfrog 0008059373

Care-4 58500229

Imagine Co-op 85010393

fideliti CHA074C

KiddiVouchers Quote EY394078

SayCare Pass (was Sodexo) 163295

RG Childcare 25185052818 

Please contact the Bursar (01722 321902 or if you would like more information.