U11 Hockey Regional Winners

A superb day where all the girls were absolute stars and played above and beyond themselves. 

Group winners with 7 points, 0-0 draw vs Perrot Hill, 2-0 win against Leweston (Tilly & Lottie scored) and a sublime 3-0 win over the very strong Portsmouth Grammar (Grace, Issy and Tilly), the girls went on to keep competing all the way. 

The Quarter Final was a game that could have gone wrong after an hour of rest but after a 0-0 draw with Yately Manor we won 2-0 on penalty shuffles. Never have so many nails been bitten so low. 

That is until the semi-final where another 0-0 draw, this time against Hazelgrove saw us back to Penalty Shuffles. At 2 - 1 down, the last shuffle of the normal game saw Grace cleaned out by the Hazlegrove keeper, the umpire awarded a penalty goal, a surprise to all those of us who hadn't read the rules carefully. 

Staying cool in sudden death, Issy stepped up and won the game. Also a huge mention has to be passed to Esme who kept remarkably cool in goal to save 3 of the 6 penalty shuffles she faced and went the whole day without seeing the ball hit the back of her goal. 

The final was an event of low importance, having already qualified but the girls wanted the trophy and they duly delivered in style with a dominant performance, beating Beaudesert School.

Most of all, I would like to highlight the superb spirit and sportsman ship of the girls. They focussed at the right time and most of all, thanked the opposition in a lovely and courteous way before celebrating like nutters. Doing sport the right way makes for proud parents and coaches.

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