Year 8 Post CE Activities

The busy Year 8 schedule continued this week with Thursday’s first aid sessions. The children learnt about basic first aid, CPR, the recovery position, using defibrillators, treating shock and how to bandage wounds…although I’m not sure they all quite got the hang of that!

On Friday, the children were treated to an amazing day of African drumming and dance by Olu and Rebecca. The drummers learned their rhythms, then the dancers practised in two groups before coming together, at the Year 8 Revue, in a superb drum/dance display which formed the central part of the evening. There were some other impressive performances in the evening…and some for which I, literally, have no words! However, the children and parents seemed to enjoy themselves!

After the revue, the children (inspired by the local charity Alabare), gathered cardboard and sleeping bags to sleep out on the playground and experience, for one night, some of the challenges a homeless person might face. We were very pleased to receive a visit from Alabare founder, and former Chafyn parent, John Proctor, who discussed some of the issues facing people today and explained how the charity supports people from all walks of life. We realized we were very lucky to be sleeping out in warm, dry weather, for just one night, having eaten a good evening meal and having breakfast to look forward to. We learned that loneliness is a huge challenge and that simply talking to a homeless person can make a huge difference.

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