An enjoyable sporting day

Sports Day brought together all that is best about sport – a sense of community in a relaxed atmosphere in which our pupils enjoyed testing themselves in competition watched by supportive parents and friends. Athletics is all about PB’s (personal bests) – you can do no more! Faster, higher, stronger. This attitude and application was reflected in the number of school records broken this year (see below) but also the confidence and teamwork from the children – this began with the tug of war and ended with the Eights relays in which there was clear evidence that many of the teams had given up their break times to refine their changeovers. Although the Knights eventually prevailed no one let their Eight down!
Unfortunately the poor weather did not allow us to complete the hurdles and high jump (these will be fitted in during the following week) therefore at time of writing the best athletes cannot be named. But a big well done to everyone for making the day such a success.

Eights Relay Results 2018
1st Place – Knights (16 pts)
2nd Place – Wasps (13 pts)
3rd Place – Frogs (12 pts)
4th Place – Birds (9 pts)

New Records
Isabella Geary Y3 - Long Jump - 3.15m (3.10m)
Ben Howgrave Graham (Y8) - Senior Shot - 10.91 (10.45m)
Ben Howgrave Graham (Y8) - Senior 200m - 27.34sec (27.90 sec)
Lara Woodhouse (Y6) - Long Jump - 3.74m (3.60m)


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