Exhibition of Art Work in Salisbury Leisure Centre

Chafyn Grove currently have an exhibition of the children’s art work up in the entrance to the Fiver Rivers Leisure Centre. Pupils from Years 5 to 8 have work on show . Each year group has taken a different theme, all linked to sport and leisure activities, which seemed most appropriate for the environment they were to be seen in! Year 5 created drawings, large cardboard figures and wire sculptures inspired by the moving figure and the work by the artists Modigliani. Year 6 produced drawings, collages and screen prints based on how important healthy eating is to keep an active lifestyle. They also made collages inspired by the wide range of ball shapes that are used in sport. Year 7looked at the paintings by Keith Haring before creating their own ‘active figure’ large cardboard sculpture. They make quite a striking line up in the exhibition! They also made collages inspired by the swimming pool paintings by David Hockney. Finally our Year 8 pupils produced a series of drawings inspired by the work of Michael Craig-Martin. They used a wide range of sports equipment as the starting point completed in Sharpie pens! 

We hope you get the chance to go and see the exhibition before it finishes at the end of January. 

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