Saturday School

At Chafyn Grove we are aware of the opportunities that Saturdays provide in a prep-school but also acknowledge the impact of Saturday School on family life.

We have recently reviewed our Saturday provision.  We recognize that Saturday school allows us to have a richer timetable than school’s that only teach Monday-Friday.  It means the curriculum can be more balanced to suit the best times for certain subjects, and also allow us to introduce enriching activities across the whole timetable.

Saturday School also allows us a much wider sports fixture list and greater opportunities for inclusive sport for all.  Many families enjoy participating in the relaxed atmosphere and great competition of Saturday afternoon matches.

But recognizing the value of family time, and following a long dialogue with our parents, and also potential parents, we have made some changes to Saturdays and this is what they now look like:

  • Saturday School remains in place for Years 6, 7 and 8.
  • Saturday School is removed for Years 4 and 5.
  • Saturday School is optional for Year 5 but there will be afternoon fixtures.
  • The lessons for Years 6, 7 & 8 on Saturday are balanced as much as possible between academic and non-academic subjects.
  • The Activity afternoons for all year groups are maintained and emphasised in the interests of promoting choice and quality of experience.
  • The timetable for Years 4 and 5 has been re-assessed to maintain a balance between extra-curricular enrichment and academic progression.

Of course we recognize that many important family events take place at weekends and we will never stand in the way of reasonable requests to take children out on a Saturday for a particular reason such as a family wedding or christening.

Finally, we do have the two exeats a term when the week finishes on a Friday, thus Saturday School is only on 7 or 8 weekends of a term.