"Inspectors noted the warm, positive atmosphere among boarders." - ISI Report 2016

Being a boarder

Boarding is about making the most of your time at school, developing independence and making friends for life. Whatever age a child starts to board, our aim is to provide a caring and happy environment in which children thrive.

Chafyn offers accommodation for full and occasional boarders. Day children can take advantage of our flexible boarding arrangements and many of them transfer to full boarding as they progress through the school. 

The boarders are accommodated in cosy, brightly decorated dormitories within the main school building. They enjoy a secure and homely atmosphere and are encouraged to make their dormitories feel like home from home; their rooms are often creatively decorated with their own pictures and posters, their own bedding and of course a teddy or two!

Children who board at Chafyn are in frequent and easy touch with their families at home. With email, phone, Skype and maybe even a letter(!), they maintain regular communication - though as they are busy and having fun, they sometimes have to be prompted!

The houseparents, who are the main link between school and home, are in regular contact with the children throughout the day. Especially sensitive to the needs of younger and first-time boarders, houseparents are also in frequent contact with boarders' parents.

There is always a lot for boarders to do at weekends. After lessons on Saturday morning, there are either activities or sports matches in the afternoon. Many boarders go out on Sundays with parents and friends. For those staying in there are special expeditions and activities. Three weekends in the term are "in school" which means all the boarders stay and are entertained with a full programme of Sunday events.

Transport to and from airports can be arranged for boarders from international and forces families who are stationed overseas.

"Inspectors noted the warm, positive atmosphere among boarders." - ISI Report 2016