"The children are confident in themselves and in the adults who care for them." - ISI Report 2016


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Do I have to wait for an Open Day to visit the school?

No, please call 01722 333423 and speak to Claire who can arrange a meeting with the Head and a tour of the school.

What if I can’t take my child to school? Do you have buses?

Yes, we share buses with Godolphin and Leaden Hall, Covering a range of areas. Please call the office for any details.

Can my child come early or leave late from school?

Yes, children can arrive from 7.30am for Breakfast Club, Classrooms are open from 8.00am and they can stay until 6.00pm.

Do you have entry tests into the school?

No, there is no entry test.

My child has “learning difficulties”, can you cater for this?

We have a Learning Support Department which supports children who experience difficulties with aspects of literacy or numeracy, children who have gaps in their knowledge and children with English as an additional language.

My child is extremely bright, will they be stretched at Chafyn?


Do I have to wait until September for my child to start at Chafyn?

No, children can join Chafyn at the start of any term or mid-way through a term.

My child has a food allergy/special diet. Can this be catered for?

Chafyn Grove is a nut-free school and caters for a wide variety of food allergies/special diets.

Is there a parental network?

Each year group has two parent reps who will welcome you into the school community and help you with any questions you may have. The social side is catered for by the Friends of Chafyn Grove (FCGS), who organise events during the year. You would be very welcome to get involved. The ladies in the office are always available to answer any questions.

Music lessons?

Music lessons are available for a variety of instruments. Individual lessons are timetabled throughout the week, with the slot regularly changing to avoid your child missing the same lesson.

How many children are in a class?

Our aim. and preference, is not to exceed a total number of 16 pupils in classes in the Pre-Prep and 18 in the Prep School.

What do the school fees include?

The fee includes everything apart from: certain aspects of learning support (which will be subject to the school's current policy for learning support), certain trips, individual music lessons, squash and tennis coaching.  Riding, sailing and golf activities are also chargeable.

What languages do you teach?

French begins in Reception, Spanish is taught in Years 4 and 5. Latin is introduced in Year 6.

Do you set for subjects?

Children are taught in mixed ability form groups, from Reception to the end of Year 4. We introduce Maths setting in Year 3, which continues all the way up the school. In Year 5 we stream the children into one top and two parallel forms. In Year 7 we add setting for French and Science, and in Year 8 we try to set for almost all subjects.

"The children are confident in themselves and in the adults who care for them." - ISI Report 2016