"Wonderful to see such a range of activities on offer." - Parent

Extra Curricular

All this and more!

As well as giving children the essential tools for learning we encourage and nurture creativity through music, art, dance and drama. Physical development, fitness and co-ordination lie at the core of the Pre-Prep sports programme focusing on the key areas of swimming, gymnastics and ball skills. Using the excellent facilities we have on site, the children are able to develop their co-ordination, core strength and whole body awareness in their PE lessons.

Through school plays, classroom music and art the children are able to spread their wings, discover hidden talents or enjoy something new.

Why not try out new activities in clubs and classes that take place after school?

Take a peek over the pre-prep fence at the end of the day and you may see...

...torch beams lighting up the school grounds whilst children explore light and dark

...children relaxing, eating tea, meeting friends or simply playing at our after school club

...friends enjoying a game of netball, hockey or football during multi-sports club

...children designing and making things in a paper-craft club

Whenever you visit Chafyn Grove you will see children busy and enjoying themselves - simply being children!

"Wonderful to see such a range of activities on offer." - Parent