"Children thoroughly enjoy their learning and demonstrate excellent levels of achievement." - ISI Report 2016


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What will happen on my child’s first day at Nursery?

Usually by your child's first day, they will have had a few hours at the nursery with you by their side. On their first official day, they will be able to get to know their teachers, make new friends, play and explore their new environment.

How will I know whether my child has had a good day?

When you collect your child the teacher will fill you in on their day. If a child is upset when you leave them in the morning the teacher will often telephone to assure you that they’ve settled.

My child still likes a midday nap, is that possible?

Yes, once your child has had their lunch and an outside play, there is an opportunity to have some quiet time or a rest for 40 minutes before we start an afternoon activity. 

Who will look after my child?

The nursery have a team of skilful staff members with many years of childcare experience and in most cases are parents themselves.  

What trips do the children go on?

We make the most of our local environment and there will frequently be short trips to a farm, the local market or the beach to support their learning.

Do I have to wait for an Open Day to visit the Nursery?

No, please call 01722 333423 and speak to Claire who can arrange a meeting with the head and a tour of the school.

Can my child come early or leave late from school?

Yes, children can arrive from 8.00am and can stay until 6.00pm.

What will they do at these times?

Once the children have finished their nursery session they will join the 'late list'.  This will start with a story, then a small tea is provided, which includes sandwiches, fruit, a biscuit and a drink and they are then free to either play outside or they will do some activities inside such as arts and crafts, puzzles and games.

Do I have to wait until September for my child to start at Chafyn Nursery?

No, children can join Chafyn at the start of any term or mid-way through a term.

My child has a food allergy/special diet. Can this be catered for?

Chafyn Grove is a nut-free school and caters for a wide variety of food allergies and special diets.

"Children thoroughly enjoy their learning and demonstrate excellent levels of achievement." - ISI Report 2016