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Boarding and Day Fees

Nursery Parents are charged in advance for planned attendance at £21.10 each 2 3/4 hour session and £6.60 for a midday hour which includes a lunch.  The school reconciles actual attendance against planned attendance at the end of each term. Term lengths differ but, for illustration, a child who attended for a full day, every day when the Nursery is open (which is about 163 days) throughout the year would be charged £7,954.40.

Year Group Fee
Reception £2,390 per term
Pre-Prep (Years 1 - 2 ) £2,945 per term
Transition (Year 3) £4,345 per term
Prep School (Day) (Years 4 - 8)  £5,765 per term
Boarding Supplement (UK) £2,200 per term
Boarding Supplement (Overseas) £2,455 per term

There is a 5% discount for the second pupil, a 10% discount for the third and a 15% discount for the fourth or subsequent pupil from the same family attending Chafyn Grove at the same time. There is a 10% discount for day pupils from military families, and a 15% discount for boarding pupils from military families.  Please contact the bursar for rates of military discounts combined with CEA.  The School assists the parents of eligible 3 and 4 year olds to claim Early Years Grants.

Wraparound Care Charges

  • Breakfast Club (Monday-Friday) - 7.30am - 8.00am   £5.10, including breakfast.
  • Pre-Prep: day ends at 3.30pm. Children needing to be collected later than this may use the Late stay facility till 4.40pm; the charge for this is £3.60. This can be booked each morning when signing in. Extra late stay runs until 5.30pm and can be booked in the same way but carries an additional charge of £3.60. (Whilst this is not an even hour / hour split, this division is intended to minimise the incurrence of the second charge).  There is Pre-Prep supper from 5.30pm - 6.00pm charged at £5.10 which should be booked at drop-off in the morning.
  • The Prep day ends at 4.40pm. Late Stay is available for all until 6.00pm – without charge. Children may stay later than this by joining the boarders and sharing their routine, including supper, until 7.00pm. Use of this Extra Late Stay facility should be arranged with the office the previous day and incurs a charge of £5.20. Supervision after 7.00pm is provided by the boarding team and therefore carries an additional charge.

Miscellaneous Charges

  • Casual Boarding charges currently are below, 2018 rates are to be confirmed:
Occasional night £46.00
Regular 1 night £43.00
Regular 2 night £77.00
Regular 3 night £98.00
Regular 4 night £130.00
  • Child minding charge - Free (3:15 – 3:30), £3.60 thereafter for each hour or part thereof
  • Laundry charge (first boarding term only) £15.00 per term
  • Pocket Money (boarders only) £15.00 per term

Music Charges

  • Per instrument - £23.55 per lesson.
  • Group Theory Lessons are available at a cost of £45.00 per term.
  • Use of School instrument £33 per term

There is no charge for the use of School instruments, when available, during School holidays but if the instruments are removed from the School premises then parents must provide adequate insurance cover.

NB One half term’s notice in writing is required if a pupil wishes to discontinue music lessons.

Payment of School Fees

There is a £500 deposit (£4,240 for overseas pupils) payable upon acceptance of a vacancy at Chafyn Grove, which will be held by Chafyn Grove and deducted from the extras’ account at the end of that pupil’s final term. The Board of Governors has directed that fees are payable in advance by the first day of each term. Fees not paid in full by the first day of term will be subject to a surcharge of 1.5% per month or part thereof. All fees are payable by cheque or bank draft drawn on a UK bank. Full details concerning fees and their payment are contained in the School’s Standard Terms and Conditions.


The onus on insuring children’s belongings rests with parents who should therefore consider an extension to any existing household insurance policy to cover loss or damage to children’s clothing and personal effects at school. The only occasion where the school insurance policy may be involved, and where a claim for loss of personal belongings might be considered, is in the event of a break in to the school premises.

Marsh Fees Refund Scheme

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