"I love my school. When I get to Year 8, I want to go back and do it all again!" - Year One Pupil

Being a day pupil

Each day at school has a varied timetable, full of academic lessons and more creative subjects such as drama, music, and art or design technology. Games or P.E. sessions occur frequently and there is also the opportunity to have private music, tennis and squash lessons throughout the day. Two activity sessions each week give pupils a choice and a chance to tackle a new pursuit.

Mornings begin with some form of collective get-together, either chapel, assembly or tutor/form meetings. Each form has a chance to put on a play or performance to reinforce the school’s motto “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Every morning the children are given time to reflect on how to live a good life that is helpful to others.

Most weekdays finish at 4.40pm – a day pupil can either have a small tea and stay for prep with the boarders at school, getting all their work done before going home, or leave at 4.40pm and do their prep at home. On Wednesdays school finishes early at 3.45pm with no prep on this day; your child may be picked to represent the school in a sports match, either home or away, with match tea to follow.

For Years 6-8, there is school on Saturday morning – this extra morning allows us to fill each week with a broad and varied programme. Saturday school is optional for Year 5 and the curriculum on these mornings does not cover the academic core.  The school will never refuse requests for reasonable absences on Saturday mornings for family events, and we all look forward to the respite of the exeat weekends (one each side of half-term).  Saturday school is followed by matches in the afternoon for Years 5 and above.

"I love my school. When I get to Year 8, I want to go back and do it all again!" - Year One Pupil