"Wonderful to see such a range of activities on offer." - Parent


Time is set aside twice a week to allow the children to ‘live a life less ordinary’. Children choose from a plethora of activities; they might curl up in a corner pasting memories in a scrapbook, construct an impressive argument for a balloon debate or battle the elements while sailing or cross-country running. Enthusiastic staff take time out of their classrooms to share their passions and interests, giving the children the chance to see another side of their teachers.

Alongside this, our adventurous training programme has a sense of allowing children to regain some of the lost art of childhood. Year 4 pupils all become “Pioneers” and learn about knots and stalking, how to put up tents and go tracking. The highlight of their year is to go on Pioneer Camp - which is much like a Scout Camp but without the woggles! Senior children have Bushcraft weekends where they learn to build (and then sleep in) their own shelters, catch and gut fish, build and manage camp fires and do their own cooking. Simple, perhaps, but it is through such experiences that childhood will be remembered.

"Wonderful to see such a range of activities on offer." - Parent